Journey To The Core!
Peggy Brown

Last September Jon asked me if I would be willing to engage with the GenChurchWa Private Facebook Group. He was looking for me to post something on Wednesdays — something that would help people with the discipline known as Spiritual Formation. 

I had written a basic curriculum the previous April, and had spent the entire Lockdown Summer of 2020 working through it one-on-one with a friend. That process resulted in some interesting observations and I was realizing that what I thought might be a four-week series could actually be much longer. 

I called that curriculum Journey To The Core, and it was what I expanded to create our Workout On Wednesday series.

Between early October of 2020 and mid-March of 2021, I created a main post each Wednesday … and then on each of the following six days, I would expand on the original post with a daily comment. I had no idea back in October that I would be writing and posting formation material every day! 

What a wild and awesome ride these five months have been … ♥

I am looking forward to sharing that material with you here!