The Beauty of Roses

Kyle Davies   -  

Ever wonder if God is working through the different relationships that you have with people? We want to share with you a story of how God is doing just that!

This last Tuesday we had a member in our women’s group share her story about how she longed for a church to love one another well. She also opened up about not being so good at asking for help when she needed it, giving others a chance to practice that love in tangible ways. Learning from her past, and experiencing the inclusion of other women at Generations, she took a risk and asked for some help gardening her rose bushes. The VERY next day a couple of women from the same group showed up and helped garden her rose bush today. What was once a point of pain became a beautiful opportunity to experience God’s love.

At Generations two of our values are Spirit over Self and Give over Get. The woman who shared the story knew that she needed help so putting spirit over self by depending on God to provide the help she needed she took a chance and asked for help. And the women who helped her lived out Give over Get by showing up and sacrificing some time to help her garden without any questions or comments made. Values translating to action. Everyday faith.