Embodied, #16: Inclusivity of an Exclusive Faith
Jon Grabhorn

In this episode of the MidWeek Podcast, Pastors Jon & Kyle discuss practical tools to help you devote yourself to prayer, why talking about our faith can be hard, and why an exclusive faith matters in an inclusive world. We want to hear what prayer tactic you’re going to try this week in the comments below

Defining Outsiders (4:45)
Abrahamic Covenant (6:40)
Redrawing Boundary Lines (13:40)
Practical Prayer Tips (20:41)
How To Talk About Your Faith (29:37)
Challenges with Talking About Faith (37:00)

Resources mentioned in this episode:
The Gospel Primer by Caesar Kalinowski – https://amzn.to/2NpFcRu
Gospel Fluency Handbook by Jeff Vandersteldt – https://amzn.to/318Euk0