Learning to love Jesus and growing to be like him in your everyday life

Because of Jesus

Jesus makes you a new person with a new family on a new mission. So, because of Jesus we want you to have an everyday faith. It’s a way of life, not an event or a scheduled meeting. Everyday faith is the process of learning to follow God in all of life so that you experience everyday family, and enjoy everyday mission. Every day. Every where for everyone with others.

The following formation pathway is (and will be) a growing collection of digital tools, workshops, and rhythms designed to support you in your exploration, engagement, embodiment, and expansion of Jesus and His Church. I believe it’s a start in creating a culture of people who attach to Jesus grow in their understanding of this adoption and then purposefully include others. Strangers to friends to family.

Everyday ‘Faith’

  • Knowing & Hearing God
  • Identity in Christ
  • Story of Scripture
  • Dealing with Doubt & Emptiness
  • Formative Practices & Patterns

Everyday ‘Family’

Everyday ‘Mission’

  • Sharing the Story
  • Community Action
  • Redeeming Work
  • Make Culture & Starting Something
  • Responding to the Spirit

Over the next several years, our hope is that people continually hear the phrase and are challenged to revisit their growth in “Faith, Family, and Mission.”

Where Do I Start?

We'll be linking more resources to this page soon. For now, pick an area of exploration or growth below by clicking the button.

Everyday Faith
Everyday Faith
Everyday Family
Everyday Family
Everyday Mission
Everyday Mission
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