Relationships + Recovery

A Quick Word

The ability to building relationships is an essential part of life. However, relationships don’t always go smoothly. Abuse. Trauma. The unforeseen circumstances that cause division. Marital strife. Kid behavioral challenges. Church hurt.

When you step into a church, because we are all human, these challenges don’t magically disappear. We can do better and pursue better together with patience, love, and grace. At Generations Church, we are committed to expanding God’s family because we believe His family is the best family to be adopted into. In a very real way, it’s within these relationships that we have to practice our value “Progress over Perfection” among others.

Being an everyday family means we practice our values together in order to rediscover healthy friendships, strengthen marriages, foster reconciliation, provide space for recovery, and aid in the pursuit of healing. We cannot do this on our own. Full stop. We need the help of Jesus.

Relationships aren’t all muck and mire. Friendships, especially the friends who become family, are a beautiful and wonderful thing to experience. Those early morning sunrises at a campground with a cup of coffee and some friends…late night card games at someone’s house where even the kids are way up past their bedtime…the sweet aroma of a meal after the loss of a loved one…the exhilaration when someone just gets you…

While we cannot promise that’s exactly what you’ll find with every person at Generations Church, we are committed to your well-being. Let’s learn together.

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