Generations Church


Who we are


We are a new start up church in Vancouver, WA. Our dream is to impact generations by being the family of God who adds value to our community through everyday people.

Why are we starting a church? Because we are everyday people who have experienced the good of being in God’s family. And we want others to experience the same love, meaning, friendship, hope, patience, and joy that we have experienced. Jesus is shaping our lives for the better so we add value to the community for its good. No strings attached.

We cannot do this alone. In fact, we don’t want to. We want to invite you to engage with us. Come learn with us what it means to embody Jesus in character and priorities in every aspect of life. Let’s extend Jesus and the hope He brings to those in our everyday lives together. Your next step to finding what you have been looking for begins now. Connect with us today.


What We do

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add value

We are passionate about doing good in our community. Through events, entrepreneurship, partnership, and social engagement we want to be a blessing and serve those around us. You are invited to come serve with us in the community.



We don’t want anyone to live life alone. E-Groups are for connection and conversation. They are our way of helping people connect with each other and talk about living one’s faith everyday. Come explore life with people who are trying to practice the way of Jesus.


gatherings (coming soon)

We look forward to our times of worship and teaching as a whole church. Stay tuned for where and when we will meet.

 Upcoming Events

Stay connected to what’s happening

The Davies Family - Mia, Ruth, Xavier, Avery (baby), and Kyle

The Davies Family - Mia, Ruth, Xavier, Avery (baby), and Kyle

Coffee with kyle

Meet with the Lead Pastor at a local coffee spot to personally hear about the vision and values of Generations Church (click here).

Kyle and Ruth Davies moved to Vancouver, Washington during summer 2017. After living in the city for a year, the vision for Generations Church was born. Kyle and Ruth are committed for the long haul to see how the story of Generations Church develops. The Davies Family enjoys spending time at the gym, making puzzles, and having people over for dinner. Some of their favorite teams include the New York Yankees, Michigan Wolverines, and the Green Bay Packers.

Kyle holds a both a B.S. degree in Bible & Ministry and a MA in Christian Leadership from Kentucky Christian University. Kyle spent a gap year working for the university as he and Ruth prayed over where they would plant. Kyle will also completed his M.Div from Midwestern Seminary in May 2018.