We are a new start up church in Vancouver, WA. We are everyday people who are committed to expanding God’s family because of Jesus for generations to come.

Why are we starting a church? Because we are everyday people who have experienced the good of being in God’s family. And we want others to experience the same love, meaning, friendship, hope, patience, and joy that we have experienced. Jesus is shaping our lives for the better so we express His change in our lives by adding value to the community for its good. No strings attached.

We cannot do this alone. In fact, we don’t want to. We invite you to engage with us. Come learn with us what it means to embody Jesus in character and priorities in every aspect of life. Let’s extend Jesus and the hope He brings to those in our everyday lives together. Your next step to finding what you have been looking for begins now. Connect with us today.



Give over Get

Looking to make difference in the lives of others and our community through generous living rather than always wanting to receive more.

Progress over Perfection

We become more like Jesus through a lifelong process rather than an overnight occurrence.

Send over Stay

Embodying Jesus by joining God’s work in Vancouver, the west, and the world through mobilizing and releasing disciples.


Spirit over Self

We put God’s purposes and priorities ahead of our own as we daily depend on Him while we live, work, and play.

Story over Sin

Cultivating lasting relationships that discover how Jesus shapes our identity, our past, and our future rather than being defined by others or ourselves.