Mark, #9: 4:35-5:18
Kyle Davies

2020 has not been the grand vision everyone had hoped. Further, we seem more divided than ever by words. Some of this division comes from letting lesser figures of authority define who we are and what we should be about. In Mark’s account of Jesus’ life, we learn who Jesus is, not so much from what he says as from what he does. In a world driven by talk, Mark will challenge us to be a people of action. Mark hopes to influence you by showing Jesus and people’s reaction to him. Together, we will listen and respond to Jesus.

5:13 – Welcome To Generations
6:15 – Set A Fire
15:30 – Great Things
19:20 – Your Love Awakens Me
22:32 – Connect + Scripture 
29:39 – Teaching
57:16 – Response
59:57 – Not In A Hurry
1:04:34 – Announcements 

Used by Permission. CCLI License Number: 20126422