About Kyle

Who Am I?

My wife, Ruth, and I were blessed to grow up in families that encouraged us to create and develop community wherever we found ourselves. Our journey has led us to the PNW with our three kids. My family, with a handful of people, launched Generations Church in 2019 after moving to the PNW in 2017. I enjoy equipping people to build a better world because of Jesus for generations to come. I enjoy making puzzles, rooting for the New York Yankees and Michigan Wolverines.

What I do?

Oversee the formation and direction of Generations by embodying the way of Jesus, our vision, and our values through vision casting and teaching.

Why Generations?

“God’s family is the best family to be a part of. When our world sees people from various backgrounds and stories move from strangers to friends to family, we help people see the original goal of humanity. We hope this inspires others to add value to our community for generations to come.”