Songs We Sing Summer 2022

Songs shape the way we live. Behind every song is a story. Discover the meaning behind the music so that we can live our liturgy.

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Asking For A Friend

Special Guest Series where we discuss topics sometimes we are nervous to ask.

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Mastering 1 Corinthians

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Joy for the moment, love for the moment, hope for the moment and peace for the moment.
December 2021

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Everyday Jesus

Everyday Faith, Everyday Family, Everyday Mission.
September 2021

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Making Room

People not projects.
August 2021

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Road Trip

God's people on the go.
July 2021

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Human connection + following Jesus.
June 2021

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Songs We Sing

Meaning Behind The Music.
May 2021

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Broken Mirrors

Reflecting God's goodness to the world.
April 2021

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Listening and responding to Jesus.
January-March 2021

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Stories We Tell

Reflection on God's promise.
December 2020


Vision of Generations.
Fall 2020

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Values of Generations.
August - September 2020

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Making Room

From isolation to invitation.
August 2020

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God in a world of options.
July 2020

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Colossians 3
Spring 2020

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Colossians 2
Early Spring 2020

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There is Good News

Easter 2020

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Give Over Get

Cultivating generous living in all areas of life
February 2020

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Colossians 1
Fall 2019

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