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Whether it’s when chaos hits, we go through a painful experience, or busyness consumes it’s difficult to not hurry. Rushing past possible moments, memories, and opportunities, even the difficult ones, often mean we are trusting in our perceptions rather than God’s promises.

Benefits Package

The 'Benefits Package' charts themes woven throughout the Book of Hebrews, revealing their profound relevance in our daily lives. When confronted with the pressures of modern life and mounting anxieties, how does faith in Jesus serve as our limitless benefit?

Family Values

Ready to Unleash the Power of God's Values? From conscious decisions to living on auto-pilot, God's values create a new way of living.


Do you have a problem with some Christian teaching? In this four part teaching series, we delve into the intriguing paradoxes within Christianity. Get you questions answered on the contradictions in the Bible, the meaning of suffering, the concept of Hell, and why Christians don’t always act like, well, Christian.


"What does it mean to be blessed? In this series, we take a look at the tangible ways the church lives out its identity and passes the blessed life on to others."

Passing Down The Faith

"Your greatest contribution to the world may not be something you do, but someone you raise."

The Shema

The Israelites were to choose God with their whole being. In this series, we are going to consider how love manifests in people who are first loved by God.

It's Personal

Go beyond the fun and the fluffy. What if Easter actually meant more? Hear about God’s personal pursuit of you through the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus.

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How does one live well in the world? Moses reveals God's wisdom to the Israelite people as they prepare to enter into a new land filled with pressures to choose a way of death. Responding to God, each other, and the world in a way that expresses God's love wisdom through "keeping Torah" brings life.

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Church Practices

Baptism, Communion, Tithes & Offering

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Mountaintops & Mangers

The God revealed in mountaintop experiences showed up in a manger. In this series, we are going to be reminded that we don’t have to “chase” God, he draws near to us which drives, hope, faith, joy, and love.

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Second Chances

Is your history a dispensible prologue or possibly prophecy? In Deuteronomy, Moses gives the Israelites insight on how to respond to fear and failure in light of the God who provides second chances. May the promises of God shape how we respond to our fear and failure.

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Making Room - The Power of Priority

How much margin do you have in your life? For God? For others? For those inconveniences? In this series, we explore what the power of priority unlocks as we seek to live our faith every day.

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Songs We Sing Summer 2022

Songs shape the way we live. Behind every song is a story. Discover the meaning behind the music so that we can live our liturgy.

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Asking For A Friend

Special Guest Series where we discuss topics sometimes we are nervous to ask.

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Mastering 1 Corinthians

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Joy for the moment, love for the moment, hope for the moment and peace for the moment.
December 2021

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Everyday Jesus

Everyday Faith, Everyday Family, Everyday Mission.
September 2021

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Making Room

People not projects.
August 2021

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Road Trip

God's people on the go.
July 2021

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Human connection + following Jesus.
June 2021

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Songs We Sing

Meaning Behind The Music.
May 2021

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Broken Mirrors

Reflecting God's goodness to the world.
April 2021

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Listening and responding to Jesus.
January-March 2021

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Stories We Tell

Reflection on God's promise.
December 2020


Vision of Generations.
Fall 2020

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Values of Generations.
August - September 2020

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Making Room

From isolation to invitation.
August 2020

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God in a world of options.
July 2020

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Colossians 3
Spring 2020

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Colossians 2
Early Spring 2020

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There is Good News

Easter 2020

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Give Over Get

Cultivating generous living in all areas of life
February 2020

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Colossians 1
Fall 2019

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