Community Groups

Community Groups are designed to drive spiritual practice through conversations and connection.


What Are Community Groups?


Community Groups are a great place to make friends and experience God in our midst. They meet in homes, coffeeshops, restaurants, and many other places throughout our city for Bible study, encouragement, and prayer. Many groups also participate in service projects and social events. Community groups vary in all sizes. They are designed to help form community to strengthen us as we seek to follow God in our everyday lives. We hope that everyone who attends Generations will be involved in a community group. You’re welcome to join open groups at any time.


Frequently Asked Questions

How should I decide which group to join?

Find a group that you can be consistent with. Check the location, time, and type of group.

Who is allowed to join a group?

Anyone and everyone! Just be aware that some groups are specifically for couples, mothers, men, or women.


What if I am already meeting regularly with a group?

That’s awesome! Let us know about it by following the link below, so that we can share your group and assist you.

What if there are no groups that meet my time?

Grab some friends, decide when and where to meet, and begin discussing God's work in your lives. You did it! Let us know about it, so that we can share it and assist you.