Does God still speak to us today?

Kyle Davies   -  

This past Sunday, our church started an exciting new sermon series on the book of Hebrews. The goal is to explore the incredible benefits that are available to us through faith in Jesus Christ.

We focused specifically on Hebrews 1:1-4, where the author powerfully asserts that God continues to speak through His Son. This truth answered a critical question weighing on the hearts of the original readers: Does God still communicate to us today?

This ancient audience was discouraged and tempted to abandon their faith. Following Jesus seemed too difficult and the costs outweighed the benefits. They wondered if God had gone silent or if they should go back to old religious systems.

Throughout history God spoke in various times and ways. For example, He revealed Himself in nature, visions, angels and prophets. God disclosed aspects of His character and will, yet it was a fragmented picture.

Jesus Christ perfectly embodies the climactic Word of God. He is the fullest expression of God’s heart and mind. The Son fulfills and expands on previous revelation. What seemed disjointed comes into sharp focus in the person and work of Christ.

As the divine imprint and radiance of God, Jesus reveals the Father’s nature. He sustains all of creation and sits enthroned in cosmic authority. This supreme position results from providing purification for sins through the cross.

In contrast to the partial, diverse ways God spoke previously, His final word is spoken perfectly through His Son. Jesus is superior to all other ancient revelations.

The preacher explored contemporary pitfalls that lead us to look for God’s voice in unhelpful places. For example, reducing God to “the universe”, defining truth as whatever you feel, adding new so-called revelations, and seeking signs and mystical experiences.

Jesus must remain central. We find God and discern His voice as we come to know Christ deeply through Scripture. His life and teachings shape our worldview and lifestyle. The Holy Spirit illuminates the Word, producing wisdom for daily decisions.

This sermon highlighted the sufficiency of God’s revelation in Christ. We have all we need to follow Him by looking to Jesus. This transforms how we view spirituality.

Rather than seeking new revelations, our task is to behold the Son through gospel-centered community. As we share His love in word and deed, others will encounter the living Word of God. This brings purpose amidst confusion and hope in discouraging times.

Though an ancient message, these truths remain urgent today. God’s final word endures forever. May we build our lives on the solid foundation of His Son. He is the radiance of the Father who sustains us and provides confidence that God still speaks through Christ alone.