Is Your Soul Anchored or Adrift?

Kyle Davies   -  

Life can feel unstable and uncertain at times. We face disappointments, setbacks, and storms that threaten to shake our foundations. In the midst of turbulence, we yearn for something solid and secure to cling to. We want an anchor for our souls.

God understands this primal need for stability. That’s why throughout Scripture, He reveals Himself as a promise keeper, an unwavering constant in the whirlwinds of life. Even when we are faithless, He remains faithful.

In the book of Hebrews, the author encourages discouraged believers who are tempted to drift away from their faith. He wants them to grasp the unshakable security they have in Christ so they won’t give up.

He points them back to the character of God, who gave His word to Abraham and then confirmed it with an oath. For people in biblical times, oaths were sacred promises. God essentially said to Abraham, “You can take this to the bank. I will do what I said.”

Though Abraham had to wait many years and go through grueling tests of faith, God fulfilled every promise. His purposes never changed. What comfort and motivation this gives us today! The same God who remained true to His promises back then remains true today. His character has not altered. When we put our trust in Him, we connect with an anchor that cannot be moved.

This stability is possible because of Jesus, our heavenly high priest who intercedes for us. He entered into the holy place that was once curtained off, making a way for us to draw near to the Father with boldness. We can have absolute confidence to seize the hope set before us because of Christ’s finished work on the cross.

Such assurance steadies us when storms come. We have a ballast in our boat that will hold us fast if we stay connected. God gave us His word so we can know the outcome in advance. We never have to wonder if He’ll come through or speculate about His commitment. He has proven Himself repeatedly throughout history. His love and power do not fluctuate based on circumstances.

This does not mean Christians will be spared from hardship. In fact, testing and trials will come. Patience is required. But we can wait with expectation rather than fear. God often uses waiting to accomplish His purposes in us before fulfilling promises.

While delays are rarely easy, they are much more bearable when we know who holds the future. He sees the full picture and orchestrates everything for our good. Rather than giving way to worry, we can surrender outcomes to Him, trusting that He is faithful. Our hope remains vibrant.

Some people lose heart and drift away from the faith because they never get anchored in Christ. They try to navigate life’s storms without a stabilizing force. But with Jesus as our anchor, we can endure seasons of obscurity, misunderstanding, injustice, pain, or disappointment. Our souls find rest in Him.

We all long for something secure and unshakable in this fragmented world. God knows this and has provided the stability our hearts crave. But we must connect with it. We anchor ourselves to the Rock by spending time in Scripture, saturating our minds with its promises, relying on Christ moment by moment, and trusting in His finished work, not our own efforts.

God remains sovereign over every detail of our lives—the good, bad, and confusing. We may not always understand where He is leading, but we know who He is—the same yesterday, today, and forever. And that makes all the difference.